The purpose of this program is to foster the development of weightlifting clubs in Nova Scotia. Active clubs are central to creating and supporting a competitive environment for the sport of weightlifting.

Registered clubs and their members enjoy a number of benefits from Weightlifting Nova Scotia.


To support their development, Weightlifting Nova Scotia will provide Registered Weightlifting Clubs with:

  1. Discounted Weightlifting Nova Scotia membership fees

  2. Discounted entry fees for the Nova Scotia Championships and the Atlantic Cup.

  3. Best Team awards and team rankings.

  4. An athlete/coach weightlifting seminar and Club Championship meet.

  5. A Technical Officials seminar and Level 4 Certification.

  6. Use of the Weightlifting Nova Scotia logo for club merchandise, and a 20% subsidy for the cost of this merchandise, to a maximum of $100.

  7. A co-branded Weightlifting Nova Scotia Registered Weightlifting Club banner.

  8. Support for clubs interested in securing funding through Sport Nova Scotia (Sport Fund).


To be recognized as a Registered Weightlifting Club with Weightlifting Nova Scotia, a club must meet the following criteria.

Administration and Registration

  1. A Registered Weightlifting Club must complete the WNS Registered Weightlifting Club registration form and renew it annually.

  2. The annual Registered Weightlifting Club membership fee is $100.00.

Registered Club Membership

  1. All members of a Registered Weightlifting Club must have current WNS memberships.

  2. A Registered Weightlifting Club must provide regularly scheduled training time under the supervision of a certified NCCP Competition Introduction coach.

  3. A Registered Weightlifting Club coach must have a current WNS membership.

Event Hosting and Support

  1. A Registered Weightlifting Club must provide at least 2 volunteers for the Nova Scotia Championships and the Atlantic Cup.

  2. A Registered Weightlifting Club must coordinate with the WNS VP Technical to host and/or participate in an annual Club Championship.

Becoming a Registered Club

For more information about the Registered Club Program, or to apply to be a Registered Weightlifting Club, email info@nsweightlifting.ca.