Qualifying - Under 24 - Canadian Senior Championships

The CWFHC has established a special policy for small provinces with few athletes qualified for the Canadian Senior Championships:

 Provincial associations may nominate an additional 4 athletes who have not reached the qualifying standard, as long as they are 24 years of age or under.

The intent of this policy is to further the development of promising young athletes by exposing them to high level competition.

The NSWA has established criteria to ensure that athletes selected are those who will benefit most from the experience:
  • The athlete must achieve the NSWA U24 qualifying standard for his/her weight class
  • The total must be achieved during the qualifying period
  • The total must be achieved in a competition that is subject to doping control (SDC)
  • The athlete must not turn 25 before December 31

Because each province is permitted a maximum of 4 U24 athletes, the following selection process has been established:
  • Qualifying athletes will be ranked by category Sinclair
  • The top two male and female athletes will receive nominations
  • Should an athlete decline the nomination, the next ranked athlete of the same gender will be nominated
  • If less than 2 athletes of either gender are nominated, additional athletes of the other gender will be nominated

And finally, per CWFHC policy, an athlete may only attend the nationals twice under this program.

NOTE: The NSWA U24 Qualifying Standards are currently under review. Once the 2017 Canadian Senior Championship Standards have been established, the NSWA U24 standards will be updated. This information is expected to be available in early September.

2017 NSWA U24 Qualifying Standards
48 kg 53 kg 58 kg 63 kg 69 kg 75 kg 75+ kg  
- - - - - - -
56 kg 62 kg 69 kg 77 kg 85 kg 94 kg 105 kg 105+ kg
- - - - - - - -