Qualifying - Canadian Junior Championships

The Canadian Junior Weightlifting Championships take place each year January. In order to be eligible, an athlete must be 20 years of age or younger. So for 2019, you must be born in 1999 or later.

The NSWA has established qualifying criteria for Nova Scotia athletes attending the Canadian Junior Championships:
  • The athlete must achieve the NSWA Junior Qualifying Standard
  • The total must be achieved in a sanctioned competition during the qualifying period
    • For 2019 the qualifying period is July 1 - December 8
  • The athlete may only compete in a category in which they have registered a total during the qualifying period

In addition, the following selection process has been established:
  • A maximum of 6 male and 6 female competitors will be selected
  • Athletes will be selected based on the provincial ranking list
  • A maximum of 2 athletes are permitted in a bodyweight category

2019 NSWA Junior Qualifying Standards
f49 f55 f59 f64 f71 f76 f81 f81+
93 103 108 113 119 122 125 128
m55 m61 m67 m73 m81 m89 m96 m96+
131 144 157 167 178 187 193 197