Provincial Team Program

The Provincial Team Program has been cancelled for 2020


The goal of the NSWA Provincial Team Program (PTP) is to further the development of high performance in Nova Scotia weightlifting. By providing opportunity and incentive for NSWA members to train, travel, and compete as a team with other high calibre athletes, this program will encourage the progress and development of our more advanced athletes. It will also help to create a more team-oriented philosophy within our membership in general, and high-performance athletes in particular.


The PTP is administered by the NSWA High Performance Committee. The committee is appointed by and answers to the NSWA board, and is responsible for all aspects of the PTP.


The PTP is an annual program, consisting of a series of training sessions. Athletes attending these sessions will form the group from which the provincial team is selected. Once the team has been selected, a team training camp will be held, and the team will then compete in a major out-of-province competition.

The existing NSWA High Performance Group (HPG) will be used to run the PTP training sessions. HPG participants need not be part of the PTP, but PTP participants will be required to attend HPG sessions.


The PTP will fund the major costs associated with attending the competition. This includes travel, accommodation, and entry fees. Participants are responsible for meals and incidentals.

All participants will be required to pay a non-refundable fee to confirm their position on the team. The amount of this fee will be set by the committee.


Athletes will be selected to the team based on the NSWA ranking list at the PTP selection deadline. In addition, the following criteria also apply:
  • Must be a member in good standing of the NSWA
  • Must meet or exceed the HPG Minimum Threshold of Performance
  • Must participate in at least 2 of the 3 HPG training sessions during the PTP qualifying period
  • Must compete in at least 2 competitions during the current season
  • Must compete in at least 1 competition during during the PTP qualifying period
The PTP selection deadline and qualifying period will be determined and published by the committee.

Athletes are not required to attend HPG sessions which took place before they achieved the Minimum Threshold of Performance.

Team Selection

At the conclusion of the qualifying period the top ranked athletes who meet all of the eligibility requirements will be named to the Provincial Team. The team will consist of an equal number of male and female athletes. The size of the team will be determined by the committee.

Selected athletes will then be required to confirm their participation by paying the non-refundable confirmation fee. If an athlete fails to confirm their participation in the time allotted by the committee, their position on the team will be offered to the next ranked athlete of the same gender.

Training Camp

A provincial team training camp will take place prior to the competition. Attendance at this training camp is mandatory for all team members.


Provincial Team coaches will be selected according to existing NSWA Coach selection policies.