LTAD Overview

Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) is a movement to improve the quality of sport and physical activity in Canada through improved athlete training and better integration between all stakeholders in the sport system, including sport organizations, education, recreation and health.  A key feature of CS4L is Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD), a developmental pathway whereby athletes follow optimal training, competition, and recovery regimens from childhood through all phases of adulthood.

CS4L has been gathering momentum since the publication of the 2005 resource paper Canadian Sport for Life. Since 2005, every national sport organization in Canada has developed sport-specific LTAD guidelines for their athletes.  Further work has been done by provincial organizations and governmental groups and agencies to promote CS4L in their jurisdictions.

The vision behind CS4L is to reshape how we support sport and train athletes at all levels in Canada – from children to adults, from towns to cities, from provinces and regions through to the National level. In realizing this vision, we aim to keep more Canadians active for life with recreational sport and physical activity, and at the same time help Canadians in all sports win more medals internationally.

For the Canadian Weightlifting Federation, LTAD provides a comprehensive framework for our athlete and program development throughout Canada. This site provides a condensed summary of the CWFHC implementation of LTAD. It is intended to give an overview of LTAD as it relates to Olympic Weightlifting. But it is just a summary. It is strongly recommended that coaches, athletes, administrators, and all those who are interested in the development of Olympic Weightlifting in Canada read the documents linked below in their entirety.