Masters Weightlifting

In recent years the masters sporting movement has seen unprecedented growth. Whether it be former athletes who still enjoy the thrill of competition as they grow older, or individuals who take up a sport later in life, the number of masters age athletes who now compete has increased dramatically. In fact, the World Masters Games, held every four years, now attracts more participants than any other sporting event in the world.

Furthermore, it turns out that Olympic Weightlifting is one of the most popular sports among masters athletes. Lifters up to 80 years of age and older are lifting astounding weights in competitions all over the world. Proof positive that weightlifting really is a life-long activity.

In Canada there is an active masters weightlifting community (, concentrated mainly in the larger population centres such as Toronto. Meets are held regularly, so there are plenty of opportunities to compete, both in Canada and internationally. Because masters athletes are entirely self-funded, international competitions are often treated as a combination competition/vacation. Meets really are a chance to get together with people from across the country and around the world who compete simply for the love of the sport.

Here in Nova Scotia, at our current stage of development, we do not yet have a good sense of the level of interest at the masters level. For the immediate future, it is anticipated that we will be hosting open competitions, welcoming youth, junior, senior and masters athletes alike. However, just as juniors are recognized for their performances in these competitions, masters lifters can also be recognized.

Initially, this recognition will take the form of official Nova Scotia Masters records, which will be recorded and published alongside our Junior and Senior records. The NSWA calendar will also track Masters competitions which might be of interest to Nova Scotian athletes.

Ultimately, masters competitions can be hosted by the NSWA when sufficient interest and numbers develop. So if you are (or soon will be ;) a masters age lifter, let us know you're out there. Better yet, enter a competition and find out how exciting and rewarding it can be to get out of the gym and lift in an actual meet. Weightlifting is, after all, a competitive sport.