Major sponsorship for the Gym Competition program is provided by Truro Nissan

With additional funding from Support4Sport, in partnership with Sport Nova Scotia

Program Goals

The primary goal of the Gym Competition Program is to promote awareness of and encourage participation in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting by enabling gym members to compete in club-level meets within their own gym.

Staging GCP meets in gyms across the province will also provide experience and build capacity in coaching, officiating, and competition hosting.

How It Works

Under the Gym Competition Program, the NSWA will provide support to any gym in Nova Scotia interested in hosting an olympic weightlifting competition for its members.

The NSWA will provide:
  • Competition equipment
  • Competition software and computers
  • All technical personnel, including speaker, scorekeeper, and referees
  • Advice and assistance in planning, setup and running the competition
The host gym will provide:
  • The venue - facility, tables, chairs, etc
  • Warm-up equipment
  • Volunteers - loaders, minor officials, setup, tear-down, etc

Competition Rules

GCP meets are official NSWA sanctioned events, and are therefore run according to IWF rules.

Rules of Note
  • An official weigh-in is held and athletes compete in the standard weight categories
  • Lifts are judged by NSWA-certified referees
  • Awards are presented for the top three totals in each category
  • Results of GCP meets are included in official NSWA results, rankings, and records
  • GCP meets are not subject to doping control, and therefore are not qualifiers for the Canadian Championships
  • Singlets are not required - shorts and t-shirt are sufficient

GCP Membership

GCP participants not already registered as members of the NSWA or their provincial governing body are charged an entry fee of $10 and receive a GCP membership. Those who go on to compete in other NSWA sanctioned events (in the same membership year) will have their $10 GCP fee credited towards their full NSWA membership.