NSWA Coaching Seminar
"Coaching in Competition"


This seminar presents an overview of the rules and regulations governing the athlete and the coach in competition. The intent is to ensure that coaches and their athletes understand and abide by the rules, which in turn will ensure the competition runs smoothly and efficiently, ultimately creating the best possible environment for our athletes to perform in.

Topics Covered
  1. The Weigh-in
  2. Warm-ups
  3. The Costume
  4. Lifting Order
  5. Time Limits
  6. The Referees
  7. Automatic Progression
  8. Weight Changes
  9. Tie Breaking
  10. Strategy

General Info

The seminar takes about an hour to complete. It will be held at least twice a year, to allow coaches adequate opportunity to attend. There is no cost to attend this course when it is hosted by the NSWA.

Individuals or groups who wish to arrange a private seminar should send an email to coaching@nsweightlifting.ca. A fee may be charged to cover expenses.