NCCP and Weightlifting

The Coaching Association of Canada works with National Sport Organizations across Canada in the development of sport-specific NCCP training.

The Canadian Weightlifting Federation currently offers the following NCCP workshops.


Designed to be presented to athletes and coaches from other sports and participants from the health and fitness sector wishing to use Olympic weightlifting skills to improve their performance, this 2-day workshop can be tailored to any age range, and is offered in both a weightlifting training hall and classroom setting. Participants will ultimately learn proper weightlifting skills and techniques, as well as learn how to assist athletes in their lifts.


Coaches will leave this course feeling confident about developing their weightlifting athletes’ performance and will be equipped to steer them toward a progressive competitive environment. Designed for people who have an Olympic weightlifting background as an athlete, assistant coach, or trainer, this 2-day workshop will enable coaches to gain the skills and knowledge to confidently present their athletes in competitions.


This course supports provincial, national, and international level coaching as well as advanced instruction in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. This 2-day workshop includes both theoretical and practical instruction, after which candidates are required to complete a number of multi-sport modules through the NCCP. Those who have completed the multi-sport modules are then evaluated while coaching at National level competitions.